Back to Normal

Updated: 14th March 2021


Back to Normal are not anti-vax. We do believe in freedom of the individual to choose his or her own medical treatment or none. The article makes interesting points and raises some questions that you may want to ask yourself. But as the author himself says in the article "No one is devoid of self-serving biases" so read and make up your own mind.

Uk's Herd Immunity at new heights. Well, of course, if this gets us back to normal then that's good news! But will it?

You can't help thinking they will have something else up their sleeves to postpone our liberties a little longer.

Of course, herd immunity would have probably already been acheived if we hadn't all been locked up for a year.

And, without all the collateral damage done to our children, our lives, our sanity and our economy!