Back to Normal


A list of things WE KNOW about coronavirus and are not challenged as inaccurate. WHY ARE THEY DOING THIS?

Q.      Novel Coronavirus.

This appears to be used to scare us.

At worse, its a distant cousin of all the other coronaviruses that we already know and live with now.

At best , it is a close sibling. This means it's not really novel.

This is good because...

1. A lot of us will likely already have some form of immunity to the virus

2. We already know how to deal with other coronaviruses (not to lock down society)

And it's not Covid, which is replacing coronavirus in headlines.

Even the government's reports, conferences and adverts push Covid and rarely mention coronavirus! Why?

Q.      Death Certificates and Autopsies.

Death certificate changes were brought in by UkGov. in February / March and are still not reverted! Why?

For decades, a death certificate required 2 doctors' signatures; one of which should have seen the patient recently.


In fact, there have been occasions where care home managers have been signing death certificates.

In addition, if Covid is mentioned on the certificate the death will be counted as a Covid death regardless of cause.

The ONS use the statement "involving Covid-19". A strange categorisation....

Autopsys have also been cancelled. So, we will NEVER know the actual cause of death.

We have to ask ourselves..."why were these changes necessary?" WHY ARE THEY DOING THIS?

Q.      PCR and LFT Test and "Cases"

It's inventor stated that this test MUST NOT BE USED FOR DIAGNOSTIC PURPOSES!

And yet, this is exactly what we are doing! The machines used for testing even have stickers on them stating this.

In fact, there is not even a standard of how to perform the test! Not even within the UK's own testing laboratories!

These positive test results are labelled as CASES! This is inaccurate and you have to ask why "cases" is being used as a label?


Here is a definition of a medical case from Britannica.

"It typically includes both clinical and laboratory characteristics, which are ascertained by one or many methods that might include diagnoses by a physician"

In fact, the World Heath Organisation has recently stated that "if a person tests positive after a PCR and displays no clinical symptoms then the test MUST be reperfomed." here

The case numbers are being used to drive government policy.

We have never tested like this before,

The more you test the more you find, of course!


The graphs represented by the government show that cases in October are far higher than those in March!

This is, of course, a truth lie! It is true in as much as these are the actual test numbers BUT the test numbers were extremely low in March / April and even stopped for a while.

Sir Patrick Vallance has said that infections were around 100,000 per day in March April.

So, we are currently (Nov 2020) less than 25% of the number back then AND we are testing 100 times more people!

Yet, this is not mentioned by anyone in authority and very few in the media. WHY ARE THEY DOING THIS?

LFT tests are more accurate than PCR. But this gives the government a problem as it's showing that PCR's are over-estimating positives by up to 10 times! Watch how the goverment will phase out LFT over the next weeks......

Q.      Statistics and Data.

There has been a complete failure in data collection and presentation.

We have planned for epidemics for years. Why haven't we planned for data collection?

This has all added to the confusion. Is it deliberate? You have to wonder.

We have had issues with how we categorise death numbers.

PHE death reporting error. - anyone tested positive regardless of cause of death were counted as covid.

PCR Test Failure Rate. - the false positive rate, when prevalance of the disease is low, causes between 50% and 95% false positives!

Ventilator bed use. - if a patient is in a ventilator bed, even if they are not being ventilated, then this is counted and presented!

Hospital Admissions. - Patients presenting for anything other than Covid, if tested on entry as positive, is counted as a Covid admission! If they catch it in hospital (upto 25% do) they are also counted as a Covid admission!

Death with Covid. - If Covid is mentioned anywhere on a death certificate they are counted as a covid death!

Over estimation and presentation of data. - Time and time again "evidence" is presented by experts which is not only wrong but a lie.

All of the above are shown as facts and used to put fear into the community.

Yet, they are all flawed. You have to ask - deliberately? WHY ARE THEY DOING THIS?

Q.      Likelihood of death.

The IFR rate looks like it is 0.2 to 0.3% and is likely to be 0.1% by the time this all plays out. (Typical bad flu season)

It is not the same rate across all age groups - this is not the same as influenza which affects all age groups

In nearly all countries, the average age of death from Covid is above the life expectancy of that country!

Influenza kills more children than Covid yet we did not shut the world down before for this!

To all those that say "Yes, but one death is too many!" I'd ask, "Where we you when 50,000 died of the flu three years ago?"


Q.      Conspiracy or Incompetence.

I am still fully in the incompetence camp. Why?

Our political class and the way the western world currently thinks. There are no strong leaders any more.!

Health and Safety has been going mad for decades and getting more and more stupid.

Risk Assessments for Covid have been re-written. No longer do they have Likelihood, Controls or Mitigations. ("Well you could catch it")

My gran may have had testicles and been my grandad but she wasn't!

This is the kind of H&S management we have now! NO RISK ALLOWED!

We follow not lead. "We're not an Outlier here" has been said to justify policy (because that's what everyone else is doing). This has been called Herd Stupidty by Conservative MP Sir Desmond Swayne; good man.

To justify policy, we have wheeled out suits masquerading as experts. Unfortunately, we believed them more than the MP's.

This has now back-fired and the hole keeps getting bigger. The scientists will be the ones in the dock, not the politicians who were "only following the science!" (This, they believe, is their get-out-of-jail card.)

There's a conflict of interest, that is prolonging this madness, and that's waiting for the vaccine, the silver bullet.

Too many SAGE members have interests in vaccine development and deployment!

We all know, that when we look back at this in 5 or 10 years' time this "pandemic" will be recorded as a disaster in crisis management.

This must never happen again. All Covid laws must be deleted and new laws written into our constitution preventing this from ever happening again! Our democracy should also be reviewed! The people MUST decide on policy and our goverment MUST deliver OUR policies! OPEN AND HONEST GOVERNMENT must prevail.

We should continually ask WHY ARE THEY DOING THIS?

Q.      Lockdowns don't work, they kill more than they save, destroy the economy and thrown NICE into the bin.

There are over 20 papers published that show that Lockdowns not only don't work BUT they kill more than they save!

Read them here

Before this crisis in policy, NICE (The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence), set a limit on the cost of medical interventions at £30,000 per quality of life year. There has always been a balance between life and cost and we used to understand that. The panic around Covid has changed all that. If we believe the government that these policies have saved 500,000 people and we use the fact that the government has borrowed £200bn up to Nov 2020, then that is a cost per person of £400,000 each. Or, more than 13 times what was acceptable pre-2020! And very little of this money has been spent on medication BUT on paying people to stay at home!

And that is just today's finances.

An ONS study has showed that upto 200,000 people will die caused by Lockdowns in the UK.

"Meanwhile, if you look at the charts for country after country and state after state, you will not be able to tell which ones locked down, how hard they locked down, when they lifted their lockdown, whether they had a mask mandate, when they imposed such a mandate, and when and if they lifted that mandate. The charts show zero correlation. Zero." here


Q.      The World Health Organisation changes the definition of herd-immunity in December 2020

During a "pandemic" why would they change the definition? Also, the definition is obviously incorrect and a lie

Read the previous and current definitions here and ask why are they doing this? The new defintion excludes natural immunity in the achievement of herd-immunity. This is a lie!


Make your own mind up using the evidence from all sources. Challenge the narrative! Read past the headlines!