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Talk Radio

21st September 2020

Witty and Vallance's - "It's a BIG IF" presentation with post commentary.

Peter Hitchens reacts to coronavirus briefing: 'Ramping up Covid figures is a political move'

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February 2021 

Too many vested interests invested in Lockdown Policy

"I want people held to account"

February 2021 

Look THEM in the eyes.....

17th February 2021 

Sunetra Gupta: Are these new variants more transmissible? Marginal advantage & Competitive exclusion

March 2021 

Fauci! The ultimate scare mongerer! Policy based on conjections

29th Jnauary 2021 

Teachers speak out

31st October 2020 

Matt Hancock not answering a report from The Times stating 30% of PCR test are false!

He either just didn't get it or chose to anwer a completely different question.....

8th November 2020 

Sir Charles Wheeler speaking out for our liberties

15th December 2020 

Parliamentary debate on petition

Prevent restrictions on people who do not take the vaccine

20th November 2020 

Danish Study - Unherd

1.7% without masks 1.4% with masks caught the virus

21st November 2020 

Ivor Cummins and Paul Saladino MD

HAMMERS VIRAL ISSUES - also cholesterol and fat!

21st November 2020 

Dr Tim Spector

COVID Updates with Dr. Tim Spector (One Of The World’s Most Cited Scientists)

17th November 2020 

Dr Mike Yeadon

"The new test is showing up the PCR test and proves we're in a Casedemic" "50% of UK was already immune by June"

"All Covid deaths over the last 4 weeks exactly match the reduced number of all other causes"


16th November 2020 

Professor Carl Heneghan

Covid: 'Cases are flatlining and hospitals are not being overwhelmed'


12th November 2020 

Professor Tim Spector

"The government will use the vaccine announcement to continue lockdown,"

9th October 2020 

A Conversation with Dr. Martin Kulldorff

"An open discussion about policy and the lockdown experiment which ignores agreed protocols in pandemic management.

Talk Radio

7th October 2020

Professor Jay Bhattacharya from Stanford University has joined 6,000 other health experts in signing the Great Barrington Declaration, a global anti-lockdown movement. "The metric should be how well are we protecting the vumerable, not how many cases we have,"


Spiked Online

12th Cotober 2020

Barrister Francis Hoar - Judicial Review & The Legality of Lockdown & the Media

"FOR HIS OWN GOOD" he was denied visitors. Doctors treated him over Zoom! Hard not to shed a tear. WTF?

March 2021 

NHS data on deaths after vaccination

The Secretary of Health struggles to anwer a very straighforward question

February 2021 

Sweden's Covid success story

Whichever way you try and cut it, Sweden are the control experiment that proves pre-established pandemic policy was the correct one.

February 2021 

talkRadio report from both sides of the fence

"I want people held to account"

March 2021 

We're NOT all in this together!

March 2021 

Fauci! You should double-up your masks even if you have had the vaccine

February 2021 

What country are we nowe living in?

10th February 2021 

Charles Walker MP “we cannot cancel life to preserve every life”

20th December 2020 

Don't keep changing Covid-19 restrictions | SpectatorTV

30th November 2020 

Tucker: Experts finally admit they were wrong from the beginning

Tucker Carlson calls out Dr. Fauci and other officials for misleading the public on school closures.

17th November 2020 

Professor Anthony Brookes

'The number of people dying today is the same as it would be any other year."

9th November 2020 

Professor Tim Spector

"Infections coming down before lockdown 2"

30th October 2020 Professor Gupta

A new Website will systematically catalog the devastation caused by lockdown

Discussion on Lockdown, cases, personal attacks.

14th October 2020 

The Fact-Free COVID Dystopia (Thomas E Woods Jr)

"When it comes to Covid-19, bureaucrats and politicians keep moving the goalposts., changing the rules...


Talk Radio

17th September 2020

Julia Hartley-Brewer in discussion with Dr Mike Yeadon: 'Government are using a Covid-19 test with undeclared false positive rates.'


Spectator TV

2nd October 2020

Professor Sunetra Gupta, a leading epidemiologist at the University of Oxford, tells Andrew Neil why a second lockdown would simple delay the spread of coronavirus, and why governments should instead focus on protecting the vulnerable.

Unherd TV 17th July 2020

Prof Carl Heneghan: can we trust Covid-19 death numbers? As anyone ever tested positive for Covid will be counted as dying from it regardless of whether they have since recovered.

What the head of PHE called a "deliberate policy to prevent underestimating the virus!"

Unherd TV

23rd July 2020

Swedish Covid-19 chief Anders Tegnell: "judge me in a year"

Unherd TV

18th July 2020

Supression; not the right strategy. Prof Heneghan and his Centre for Evidence Based Medicine colleague Tom Jefferson who shared their thoughts in this wide-ranging discussion.