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15th March 2021 

All of a sudden the rules don't apply

6th February 2021 

European Leader reacts to CCP Lockdown Reality

Check out the evidence

18th December 2020 

James and Laura's Chinwag #6

Premises are either Covid-Secure or they're not!

Demonising the youth? What society says that!?

The work of satan!

15th December 2020 

Lockdown Sceptics’ favourite comedian, JP.

This one’s about the “bravery” people are showing in the face of the coronavirus crisis.

1st December 2020 

Sir Desmond Swayne MP - Good Man

"You have the vaccine first!" he tells MP's

20th November 2020 

Mark Nolan - talkRADIO

Another great rant!

10th October 2020 

Great Rant on TalkRadio! Start at 3 minutes..

"We are a Great country. We need to lead the way. What are you doing Boris? You are the Chairman of the Board. What is the point of lockdown? Just 30 outbreaks in pubs last week; out of thousands!"

House of Commons

28th September 2020

Boris Johnson faces rebellion over chaotic coronavirus handling:

Stop Project Fear! - Tory MP Desmond Swayne. 

Spitting Image

Best and worse of BJ


18th December 2020 

LBC News

42 deaths under 40 years of age

160,000 jobs will go in London because of Tier 4

The average age of death is above the life expectancy

20th November 2020 

Excellent YouTube video from the comedian and satirist WhatsHerFace. This one’s called: “Welcome to THE GREAT RESET.”

Talk Radio

1st October 2020

"Matt Hancock, what are you talking about? What kind of country have we become when I can't enter a pub unless I download a government App?"

19th November 2020 

Sir Desmond Swayne MP

"Sir Desmond Swayne: Christmas should not be cancelled

Talk Radio

7th October 2020

'Nicola Sturgeon and Boris are like Indiana Jones but not as good looking and not as well dressed'

He makes some very, very good points!

Talk Radio

3rd October 2020

Richard Madeley discusses the government's press conferences that aren't, Main Stream Media religiously following the narrative and compares the Witty Vallance "press conference" as scaremongering. Comparing it to Over-The-Top stupity of World War One!