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A global repository for research into the collateral effects of the COVID-19 lockdown measures.

Global reports and articles on the collateral damage caused by governments' policies!

3rd November 2020


Cost Benefit Analysis of LD2.1

7th August 2020

£210 billion

Cost of Covid measures so far...and counting

25th November 2020

"The Worst Recession in 300 years!

Who'd have thought? This stupidity must end!

This is not "due to Covid" it is government's irrational and disproportionate policies!

3rd October 2020

The Spectator

Covid, lockdown and the economics of valuing lives. NICE uses a value of £30,000 in deciding on medication to save a life.

We are currently at £210bn costs and climbing.

18th December 2020

Children missing out in education

We must stop mass testing in schools

Attendance rate of 84.6% when just 0.2% of pupils have had a positive test!

16th October 2020 - The Telegraph

Warning of extra cancer deaths after more than 25m GP appointments lost during pandemic

Cancer Research UK said that, since March, more than 350,000 people have not been referred to hospital.

18th November 2020

Covid Procurement

Investigation into government
procurement during the
COVID-19 pandemic