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Conflicts of Interest

When charged with advising and assisting in delivering government policy you should be squeeky clean with no conflicts of interest whatsoever!

Definition of a conflict of interest:

a situation in which someone cannot make a fair decision because they will be affected by the result

The British Medical Journal (BMJ) Editorial

Covid-19: politicisation, “corruption,” and suppression of science

Politicians and governments are suppressing science. They do so in the public interest, they say, to accelerate availability of diagnostics and treatments. They do so to support innovation, to bring products to market at unprecedented speed. Both of these reasons are partly plausible; the greatest deceptions are founded in a grain of truth. But the underlying behaviour is troubling.

The British Medical Journal (BMJ)

Covid-19: Government faces legal action over £75m contract for antibody tests

legal action has been launched over the UK government’s award of a £75m (€84m; $99m) contract for one million antibody tests to a business consortium, alleging that the deal unlawfully bypassed safeguards protecting taxpayers’ money.

Conflicts of interest among UK government’s covid-19 advisers are not transparent

December 11th 2020

Little is known about the interests of the doctors, scientists, and academics on whose advice the UK government relies to manage the pandemic.

“Citizens need to be able to trust the advice of professional scientific advisers. We need transparency,”

The British Medical Journal (BMJ) 

Covid-19: Government buried negative data on its favoured antibody test

The UK government delayed the findings of a Public Health England (PHE) study that question the accuracy of a leading covid antibody test just as it was about to announce that it had spent £75m (€84.3m; $99.4m) on buying one million of the tests.

The Mail Online

Government test tsar has £770,000 shares in drugs firm that sold us £13million of 'pointless' antibody screening kits

after it emerged that Sir Patrick Vallance has a financial interest in company racing to find vaccine.

UK’s Chief Scientific Adviser, Sir Patrick Vallance, a former president of British drugs giant GlaxoSmithKline, still has a £600,000 shareholding in the firm which is currently involved in developing Covid vaccines.

Advisers with atypical conflict of interest may create harsher COVID lockdowns

November 18th 2020

Knowing that their own salary is secure might subconsciously make it easier for experts to shut down the jobs of others