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3rd Feb 2021

We mustn't lose our heads over the overhyped variants.

31st Dec 2020

Questions for the UK government in
consideration of the empirical data.

Joel Smalley, MBA, Quantitative Analyst
Marie Oldfield, CStat, CSci, Statistician

Mail Online

Last week, the Mail revealed the shocking story of 93-year-old Lucy Jeal, who recently received a 'surprise' visit at her South London council flat from an NHS 'frailty nursing practitioner'.

Ethical Case against Lockdown

A calm yet powerful case balancing the one ethic of "protecting all life whatever it takes" with every other ethic that means we are human beings and that ALL ethics are equally important and should not be banished

8th October 2020

Did the Government waste £161m in Moonshot money?

DnaNudge, a company with no track record in disease diagnostics, has won a contract for Covid testing.

DnaNudge is a spinoff company of Imperial College London.

12th October 2020

Vice Chair of the 1922 committee

"My real concern is that these decisions are being made by the middle-aged and the well-heeled paid by the public purse and do not bear the consequences of the decisions they make."

Joel Smalley suggests lockdowns saved 5,000 lives and killed more than 30,000

The Times 17th Dec 2020

Scaring the headline readers

Look beyond the headline and you find a 5th are as busy as before. Meaning 80% are not!

The Telegraph

Life can go back to normal if we make it our common goal to achieve herd immunity

We have a relatively clear picture of who is at risk. Let's isolate them from harm while the majority of people conduct normal lives

9th October 2020

Scotland's pubs closed OR not allowed to sell alcohol

These venues have the lowest infection rate of all sectors SO WHY CLOSE THEM? Politics!

9th October 2020

Is the Guardian planning an attack on the Great Barrington Scientists?

The article is yet to be published, but it looks very much like a move to delegitimise the ideas of these eminent scientists by smearing them by association. 

14th December 2020

The risk of catching the novel coronavirus from a family member is less than one in five, a new study suggests.

In a meta-analysis, researchers found that just 16.6 percent of all people with COVID-19 passed it on to members of their family.


7th October 2020

Professor David Livermore

My manifesto to beat coronavirus crisis: Protect the elderly and vulnerable, let the rest live their lives, and throw Britain open again

The Telegraph

Coronavirus cases 'lost' in test and trace blunder

Ten-day delay means thousands exposed to virus were not told to self-isolate. And on the day the NHS App went live...

The Telegraph

Manchester Covid infection rate shows 15-fold increase since local lockdown was introduced

How does this prove Lockdowns are effective? I guess UKGov will blame the people...again!

12th December 2020

For the past few weeks I have received a stream of unsettling letters and emails from members of the public.

They are all complete strangers, people I’ve never met.

They decided to get in touch out of what I can only describe as desperation, having read about the research I’m conducting with my colleague, Professor Carl Heneghan.


13th August 2020

Retailers have accused Matt Hancock of using “dangerously misleading” statistics when he said that shop assistants had a 75 per cent higher risk of dying from Covid-19. 

“M&S figures are substantially below that. We sadly have had three deaths from 126 cases out of 78,000 frontline colleagues, well below the numbers being quoted.”