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Deaths recorded involving Covid are those patients that have a mention of Covid on their death certificate, regardless of main cause of death.

And anyone that has died within 28 days of a positive PCR test regardless of cause of death.

Deaths "with" Covid statistics for the UK and Sweden (Live) - despite the media, yet again, trying to discredit their management of the virus.


The data looks very similar without Lockdowns than UK, Belgium, Italy, Spain, France

This shows the disproportionate response to covid while ignoring all the other deaths that we know how to prevent or cure

More than twice the number of under 60's have died on the road

955 died on the roads (despite lighter traffic) . 438 died with Covid.

Mortality Rates Vanishingly small for the vast population

The government state the PCR test is 99% accurate and that's "very good." Then they should be ecstatic that the chances of recovery are even higher than their test! So, what's really going on?

Life Expectancy Around the World.

The average age of death around the world "with" Covid is over 82.4

There are only 14 countries in the World that have a life-expectancy of  over 82 years - all of the first-world countries.