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Covid Policy Impacts

ONS Graph 14th December

Figure 2: The number of deaths involving COVID-19 decreased in Week 49

According to the ONS, Flu and Pnuemonia is killing more than Covid

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ONS Data January 2021

Deaths over the last 10 years. Hardly, a bad year AND lockdowns have increased the mortality in 2020 from cancer, heart-disease and suicides

ONS Data 7th January 2021

Deaths within homes continues to be above the 5-year average.

These are deaths not involving Covid. 25,472 more than normal. This is 26% more deaths from Heart Disease and 75% more deaths from Dimentia

Deaths involving COVID-19
Deaths not involving COVID-19
Five-year average (2015-2019)
Number of deaths
Deaths involving COVID-19: 103
Deaths not involving COVID-19: 3,202
Five-year average (2015-2019): 2,270

ONS Data 7th January 2020

Deaths by Place of Occurence

Deaths within the home have been above the 5-year average since March - all probably due to Lockdown and Government policy!

ONS Data 6th January 2021

Deaths involving Covid by Age Group

ONS Graph 15th December 2020

Figure 1: In the three months to October, employment was still falling sharply and unemployment was rising

ONS Graph 15th December 2020

Figure 3: The number of people reporting redundancy in the three months prior to interview increased by a record 217,000 on the quarter to reach a record high of 370,000

ONS Graph 15th December 2020

Figure 5: UK Claimant Count level has increased by 114.8% since March 2020

ONS Graph 15th December 2020

Figure 4: After rising for several years, the number of employees has fallen in recent months