Back to Normal

Facts and Reports

Looking passed the "facts" as reported by MSM and UKGov

A recent report by ONS and reported here stated post vaccination that

"over 40% of vaccinated over 80 year-olds...met with someone outside of their household "

This seems to suggest that the over 80's are now confident, thanks to the goverment's wonderful vaccination program, to slowly begin meeting up with others!

THIS IS A FACT-LIE. There isn't any context to this, it's just a statement, an estimation! 

CONSIDER. What was the ratio before vaccination? 50%? 60% or the same? We don't know!

CONSIDER. Over what length of time was this study reporting over? Again, no data. 1 week, 4 weeks, multiple times?

Temporary Suspension of Formal Reports

"Due to the coronavirus illness (COVID-19) and the need to release capacity across the NHS to support the response, we paused the collection and publication of some of our official statistics."

Trouble is, these are really useful reports!

Excess Deaths Europe last 5 years

A video timeline map of 5-year excess deaths

Thank you to Euromomo here

19th October 2020

26,000 excess deaths at home BUT not from Covid!

ONS Survey out today.

World Deaths PANDA

Covid 2.6% of all deaths

From 46.5 millions worldwide deaths!

15th October 2020

Deaths for first 6 weeks and last 6 weeks

From Lockdown Sceptics Mike Yeadon

12th August 2020

No evidence that masks work

WHO recommendation: "not because of
scientific evidence, but because of
political pressure and public

The Spectator's Own Graphs

Graphical data representation on the National Scene, NHS, Deaths, "Cases" and Vaccinations

9th November 2020

"Cases" of 13th October were at 25% of Vallance's Prediction.

Total "cases" are  levelling off. Vallance's prediction is now over 1.6 million fewer than he said.