Back to Normal

Back to Normal

Back to Normal is a new, public-facing, grass roots group. We are not covid sceptics, just lockdown sceptics. We have the simple goal of delivering 1 million A6 folded postcards to the public.

The idea is to point out that lockdown measures cost lives and, in our view, are doing more harm than good. We want to give those who support Government policy some pause for thought, help inform others who are already somewhat doubtful of the Government message and last, but by no means least, encourage sceptics to speak out who might otherwise be "shamed" into silence.

We are also looking for a volunteer in each constituency to act as a coordinator to keep in touch with other volunteers in the area and ensure deliveries do not overlap.


Check out how many members we have and how many cards we're in the process of delivering.

Please help and become a Back to Normal postman and a coordinator.


Ordering postcards - please order in multiples of 500, though smaller orders can be made. Simply let us have your address and it will be done. I think you can deliver 100 postcards in an hour when the front doors are reasonably close together. With a friend, it will be even quicker.


Donations - The postcards are free, but since we have been overwhelmed with orders, we have taken the decision to ask for a donation before a second order goes out. They cost us about 3.5p each. We now have a GoFundMe button on the website. We will acknowledge all donations and provide a financial summary from time to time.

For ordering postcards or for volunteering to be a Constituency Coordinator, please email To contribute click the button.