Lockdowns Cost Lives

We believe in getting Back to Normal - the old normal

Pretending that this is the most dangerous disease in the world is costing lives!

21,000 people died because of lockdown University study shows - read here

Cancelling 35o,000 urgent cancer referals... COSTS LIVES

Delaying 50,000 children's operations... COSTS LIVES

27 million lost GP appointments... COSTS LIVES

Ignoring depression and suicide... COSTS LIVES

750,000 jobs lost. Destroying the economy... COSTS LIVES

Alcohol addiction doubled in 2020 alcohol... COSTS LIVES

Rising domestic violence... COSTS LIVES

Family break-ups and loneliness... COSTS LIVES

Locking down care homes , loneliness and deaths of despair... COSTS LIVES

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Ever-changing government policy has not stopped Covid

Back to Normal SAVE LIVES

We are a group of friends campaigning against the damage that lockdowns and restrictions do to our society. Can you help?