Back to Normal

Lockdowns Cost Lives

We believe in getting Back to Normal - the old normal

The medical, social, educational and economic costs of lockdown policies continue to rise, but Covid is ...

"going to be around probably for ever!" - Patrick Vallance here

  • 1 million women affected by breast screening delays - read here
  • 10 million people in England denied extra mental health support - read here
  • Over 50,000 children needing surgery have had it postponed - read here
  • 2.45 million jobs will be lost in coming catastrophic recession - read here
  • 900,000 chronic cases of heart disease to depression caused by recesssion
  • Alcoholism almost doubled to 8.4m and opiate addictions up 20% - read here
  • Lockdowns have caused extensive loss of learning and increased undesirable behavour in children - read here

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